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Sarah's Choice

Grammy-Award-winning recording artist Rebecca St. James stars as Sarah Collins, a young woman on the rise. As a junior account executive at a major advertising agency, Sarah is poised to get it all: executive promotion, salary increase, new car, fabulous apartment and first-class travel. Theres only one thing thats going to keep her from getting it, her unborn baby.

But Sarah has a choice. Her friends and co-workers insist that she has the right to choose a path that offers a successful career and unlimited material rewards. But according to a mysterious stranger, and a series of three nocturnal visions, Sarah has another choice a choice that will not only change her life but also the lives of her loved ones now and forever.

In 1973 The United States Supreme Court struck down state laws that ban abortion, but the moral controversy surrounding the issue is far from resolved. If it is legally true that a woman can make her own private decision regarding her reproductive health, Sarahs Choice is a film that offers compelling moral reasons to choose life.

Chloe (Moving Works) - Adoption

For years Walt and Annie struggled with infertility, but in a single moment they realized that God was writing a beautiful story for them that was over 20 years in the making.

This was such a special project for me (Walt Manis), because I got to live through it. For 5 years I’ve wanted to make Chloe’s story into a film and the opportunity came when we moved back to the states from Germany to work with Moving Works. I am so excited that God has allowed us to be part of a much bigger story than we could ever have imagined. We were blessed to have so many people around the world praying for this future child named Chloe. I am truly grateful to these people for their support and prayers and I’m excited to share this film with all of the people who had a part in it.
My hope is that this film encourages many people who have struggled with infertility, have gone through the process of waiting for a child, or are just trying to trust God for their future. God really showed us, through this process, how much He loves us and desires to be in relationship with us. He had a perfect plan to bring Chloe into this world, in His perfect timing and for His Glory. I am in awe of God’s work and I am so grateful to Him for including me in it. He has graciously allowed us to be a part of this little girl’s life and Annie and I are so excited to see what God does in her heart and through her life.